Sunday, July 27, 2008

Touchin Wood and all other lucky materials

Life's good.
After the hectic pace of the last couple of weeks, it was good to have this nice and slow weekend. Warm and fuzzy feelings abound-feelings akin to hugging a fluffy cloud- and they were brought on by the most trivial of reasons. But hey, there never was a rule for happy moments to be ushered in only by the grandest of causes or the most enormous events. I digress from my never ending travelogue to record the 10 happiness inducing moments-if only, for the fear that a few years down the line, when I'm old and haggard or just plain stupid, I might forget that it doesnt take too much to be happy and content and that bucking the popular theory of judgement by comparison, happiness exists as an absolute, with no need for damn benchmarks.
1. Waking up to perfect filter coffee made by the boyfriend who's now husband but will forever be boyfriend first :)
2. Losing my phone in a cab but gaining a gorgeous E66 as a replacement. I know what a silver lining is-I carry one in my bag.
3. Lying down on a bench in East coast park, staring at the sky & the palm trees, while the ipod belted out my favorite melodies, even on random "shuffle" mode.
4. Taking a leap of faith and straightening my hair-only to realize that I dont really miss my curls and that change can be good.
5. Interacting with the smartest 2 yr old I've ever met and getting about 10,000 unconditional smiles from him :)
6. Receiving an unexpected pay hike.
7. Getting free candy from cabbie uncle, who told us it was part of his daily routine and that he spends 50 dollars a month distributing candy to his passengers-If this ain't Santa, who is?
8. The prospect of a YKY-II in Mumbai, with girlie time, gossip, wine, good food and full attendance.
9. Buying groceries and getting order into my kitchen- well, something on this list had to be about better control, right? Even something as mundane as a 10 compartment spice tray counts.
10. Catching an old snap of me and M and sighing in a moony-eyed way about how he continues to be my best friend. A best friend with benefits :) (sorry for stealing words, Alanis)
So nett, I'm as happy as the babies that you see in Anne whatzername's calendar or closer home, in the J&J commercials. And since I'm heading to be as fat & chubby as those adorable younguns-now's the time to move the "tashreef" and let exercise give me a biological reason to be happier.
*To happiness-may the pursuit keep my feet on the ground even while the spirit's soaring sky high *
ps-Gving myself only 2 more weeks to wrap up the 2007 Europe trip. Hope to honour the commitment. Whack me if you sense a lack of inclination. Conditions apply.