Saturday, July 24, 2010

Need real time Spell & EQ check

This is not a post. It's many rants rolled into one.
I understand that time and space are real constraints in this twitter & FB dominated world. But must we abandon all that we learnt before we turned 10? It's WHEN, not wen. It's THAT, not dat. It's not kool to say just that.
I'm fine with abbreviations but deliberate misspelling and omission of 1 measly letter- how is that going to earn you any more time or a whole lot more space? Last I checked, expression didn't get inhibited by adding an extra letter! Fine, text messages or twitter are very character dependent and you want to economize. But surely you can do that by framing your sentence properly? Or does that take too much time too? What really gets my goat, is when people start operating in this mode on mails, posts and even official mail. *shudder*
While I'm on the topic of rants, let me also make it clear to all and sundry, that I'm in no hurry to reproduce. Just because I have a 1 month old niece (who I love talking about) does not imply that I need one of my own. I wonder what's a good response to "now's your turn"...... My mind usually goes to "Sure, could you show me your bedroom...M and I won't waste another minute" or " This is not a GAME for me to do my turn" but usually those signals meant for my vocal cords get intercepted and waylaid to my frowning muscles. 

Even though I usually ignore them, I think these persistent suggestions have started to affect me. I'm starting to hold back on playing with a kid  or exclaiming who cute she is , because I know there's bound to be someone watching and then pronouncing that I'm ready. Of course, the only thing holding me back was that certification. Can hold a baby for 2 mins without dropping him. Yes, that shows readiness for a lifetime of responsibility along with proclivity to procreate.

Yes, I do eventually want to experience motherhood but I'm not about to discuss something so private with a bunch of people who fall in the "smile and dismiss" category. We'll have a baby as per our plans and it's usually not something that stays hidden for long. I apologize for the lack of broadcast of those plans. My super genius unborn baby will save the planet but not just yet. Please do be patient.

There. That felt good :)