Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just like that (or what I have been upto)

Though I started blogging almost 5 years back (yes-the number of posts belies the age), it still surprises me to get questions or any remarks about my blog. You mean you actually spend time reading what I have to say? And it's not humility or anything nor is it ignorance a reason (note the tracker at the bottom?). I think it's more to do with the comments coming from folks who I didn't think visit this space or even if they do, care much about it. 

Anyway, it is mildly inspiring and encouraging enough to pick up the lost thread and weave a pattern or two.
Since I've spent about 3 months away from the blog, it might be good to record what's kept me away:
- Running: Though by no means a good runner- I am starting to stretch myself (not literally, duh!). I recently finished my longest run ever- 30km- finishing it in 3h46m also renewed my confidence in being able to complete the 42km in half-decent time. I have only 7 more weeks to go, so there will be a lot more training to do in the coming days.
- Work: A change of assignment has meant learning new things and working with new people. The novelty factor hasn't worn off yet, though minor teething troubles surface every now and then. As does the perennial existential question of what I need to be doing ultimately and in the 'long run'. 
- Short breaks: Thanks to work and sundry, got to spend weekends in Melbourne and Manila and am glad to report I spent them well-on reunions with friends and fashion respectively. Also, managed a very relaxing and agenda-free trip to Bali with M (if ever you need names of good veg restaurants, mail- discovered quite a few in Ubud). We stayed in the middle of a rice field and it was a glorious change to have no internet or TV in the room- lush green fields and the sound of a rooster crowing. I'm sure I'd get tired of it after a while, but for 2 days, it seemed perfect. 
- Reading: Thanks to Bali, I managed to finish a book in 3 days (Code of the Wooster, PG Wodehouse). Rediscovering PG was such a joy- such wit and so many laugh-out-aloud moments. I did get M to consider PG but he continues to absorb his daily dose of humor very easily from Dilbert. Sigh. Among other books that I read- Man & Boy (Tony Parsons)- a touching yet funny and well-written tale of a hot-shot TV exec who has it all. loses most of it and gains more in the process- very nice description of a father-son-father relationship; Jia (J. Kim)- novel based in N. Korea- this is an easy read and frankly, I devoured the book out of curiosity that the country generates. Reminded me a bit of Oshin, the Japanese TV series that aired on DD, almost 15-20 yrs back (gosh, I'm such a dinosaur!!)
- Travel Planning: November and December promise to be travel filled months and being an independent traveller means spending hours and hours on research and itineraries. More on those after the trips are done. 
- Salsa and Pilates: Joined classes for both about a month back. What's more, even M's joined salsa with me. Good fun :) And Pilates is helping me strengthen my core, which will, I hope, have a positive impact on running as well.
- Cooking experiments: Made Risotto, Thai Green curry and Mapo-Tofu from scratch, and beamed after the results turned out so well. Did want to give baking a shot, but decided against it. Gaining weight before a marathon doesn't seem like good strategy.

Next few months promise to be fun- with one good friend (& awesome shopping partner) shifting to Singapore, MIL's visit, Diwali with family, niece's wedding (now I sound even older than a dino), some work trips, the marathon and then finally the December vacation.
Life's good and about to get better :)