Monday, November 01, 2010

Hay- Man (Hey Ram!)

One lazy afternoon, M made an unusually dumb suggestion.
To which, in my characteristic Dalhi finesse, I replied" Dimaag mein bhoosa bhara hai kya?"
M being M did not let ignorance come in the way and answered back first " Poore shareer mein bhoosa bhara hai" and since that made me giggle uncontrollably, he realized that he didn't quite know what he had said.
The giggles went on and so did the persistent pestering on what "bhoosa" was. But that just brought on more giggles. Since persistence is his middle name, he thinks reframing the question might do the trick.
So, he starts singing!
 "Yeh bhoosa bhoosa kya hai, yeh bhoosa bhoosa?" 
(Remember Saudagar?-  badly made up Archana Pooran Singh and company crooning "yeh ILU ILU kya hai") Now imagine M singing that, with the front and back head nod.
The bad Hindi movie reference was endearing and won him not just the answer, but also a nickname.
He is now known as Bhoosa Ram.